Interstate Graphics, Inc. announces the addition of the Inca Onset X3, a rapid-productivity, high-quality flatbed press, to their lineup of digital printing equipment.  The Inca Onset X3 is one of the most advancedwide-format flatbed digital printing presses in today’s market. 

Interstate Graphics will more than double their digital printing capacity as the Inca Onset X3 prints more than 15,500 square feet per hour (283 beds per hour).  The assistance of a robotic arm makes the process three-quarters automated, allowing Interstate Graphics to produce significantly higher volumes at top speed.

“We are excited to be one of the only wide-format printers in the Stateline area with this technology,” says Stan J. Valiulis, president of Interstate Graphics. “The demand for digital printing is high, and the Inca Onset X3 instantly increases our capacity.  We can handle higher volume runs and turn them at much faster rates for our customers.”

Beyond increased speed, the Inca Onset X3 provides a sizeable print area of 126.8 inches by 63 inches.  Industry-leading quality is guaranteed with Inca Onset X3’s three CMYK ink channels plus white. 

“The majority of our customers are in the retail and display industry where top quality is nonnegotiable,” says Valiulis.  “With the Inca Onset X3, they are assured unmatched output, and we can offer new features such as variable glossy and matte finishes.”  The Inca Onset X3 produces a wide spectrum of POP graphics, from everyday signage to the highest-quality backlit displays for demanding markets such as cosmetics and luxury goods.

In the future, Interstate Graphics will rely on Inca Onset X3’s concept of scalable architecture to adapt components according to changing demands and new technology.  Inca Onset X3 is a long-term investment to keep Interstate Graphics at the forefront of digital printing for years to come.